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“Awesome products. If you need any beauty needs, Sole Revival are fantastic!”   Natalie Shannon

Essential Travel Pack 25mls. $70

Product Essential Travel Pack 2Comprises five (5) mini versions of OmVeda products of Sandalwood Cleanser, Rose Toner, Date Enriched Moisturiser, Saffron Oil and Rehydrating Body moisturiser.



OmVeda Sandalwood Protective Base 50mls. $70.00


Try the Sandalwood Protective Base under your regular foundation and see the difference. Apply it after your moisturizer for a finish that looks absolutely natural and so dewy. It also reduces redness and evens out skin tone, helping to protect and soothe any irritations.

Sandalwood Protective Base has a combination of sandalwood and seeds of the sacred Lotus which has a cooling effect. Created especially for sensitive and problem skins, it acts as a heal and conceal base. It protects the skin. Sandalwood and natural Zinc have anti-pollution and sun protective qualities. Sandalwood Protective Base can be used as a foundation as it takes on the individual colour of your skin.


OmVeda Eye Cream 50mls. $74.00

2014-09-05-11-10-35-aloeverajpg-88574Omveda Eye Cream is suitable for all Skin Types. A softening herbal cream rich with Almond, it helps to prevent dark circles, wrinkles and keeps the skin around the eyes smooth and supple. It is excellent as a lip balm – try it! Ingredients: Helianthus Oil to make it Prunus Amygdalus Oil Aril Myristica Ext. Buchanania Latifolia Ext. Berberis Aristata Ext


OmVeda Pimple Clear- 100mls. $40



A highly effective lotion to control acne, pimples and skin blemishes. Omveda Pimple Clear can be used as a spot treatment or for use all over the affected area. It is easy to apply and easy to carry. It’s a must for those of you who are prone to skin outbreaks and need a quick, fuss free fix.



OmVeda Rose Skin Toner 100mls. $49

RoseSkin Toner


Rose Skin Toner is suitable for all skin types. It is a powerful    formulation, rich with the goodness of Rose dates and other herbal    ingredients. It also works as an excellent skin toner.




GingerChi Meridian Natural Body Dry Brush. $29.95

brushDry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates lymph circulation, which is crucial to a healthy immune system. Dry skin brushing also assists with the breakup of cellulite by helping to remove toxins built up in the tissues. Dry brushing is about helping you move any stagnation in your lymphatic fluid and in skin cell turnover. Each brush includes a diagram showing the method for brushing.

OmVeda Saffron Facial Oil – 100mls. $60

Safron Facial Oil


Saffron is regarded as the ‘Queen’ in beauty treatment.
Safroil restores the natural glow and moisture of the facial skin. It helps to protect face from pimples and black heads. It removes the wrinkles and scars. It gives a glowing beauty and freshness to your face. It removes facial tension and helps to lighten pigmentation.



OmVeda Walnut Scrub 50mls. $48

omveda walnut srub grains

Walnut Scrub is recommended for dry skin. It is a perfect blend  of Walnut Shell, Rose, Wheatgerm and Almond Oil. It works to  remove dead cells, dirt and impurities to enhance the health and  radiance of your skin.


OmVeda Neem Facial Cleanser 150mls. $42

Omvveda neem


OmVeda Neem Facial Cleanser is best suited for oily skin prone to    breakouts. If is a gentle yet very effective soap-free wash with the  goodness of Neem to purify and improve skin that’s prone to oiliness,  pimples and acne. Neem is renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-  viral properties to treat skin disorders.



Himalayan Bath Salts. From $3

Product Himalayan bath salts


Adding Himalayan salts to a bath creates a rejuvenating,  detoxing and relaxing home spa experience. Himalayan Bath  Salts are thought to contain 84 essential minerals. By using  Himalayan Bath Salts, your skin will become baby soft! Try  it.



Himalayan Salt Lamp. $25


Known as “Vitamins of The Air”, the Salt Crystal lamp is Nature’s best Ioniser. Many people swear by the Salt Crystal’s healing ability, claiming relief from the common cold, the curing of skin problems, snoring, respiratory illness, headaches, migraines and much more. These authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps are the most exquisite and naturally pure lights available. The lamp attracts water molecules from the air, causing a negative ion to seek out the first positive ion like a dust, or bacteria particle. It then zaps it!


No Pong. This is an extremely effective, All Natural, Anti Odourant
Made from delicious organic coconut oil, baking soda, cornflour, beeswax and essential oils.
Guaranteed to be 100% paraben, aluminium, blood, sweat, and tear free. $8.95