Peer to Peer ( fully clothed) massage
A series of massage moves for students age 6-12 years.
This promotes general well being, self regulation, respect for self & others.
Three classes ran at weekly intervals for a period of 1 hour
Cost per Term $160 ( approximately 8 classes)
Venue: Sole Revival Training Academy.


Skincare workshop for students age 10-14 years

Arm yourself with knowledge and awareness about your skin. A 2 hour class.
Determine what type of skin you have.
The basics of skin health.
What is a skin product, what is it used for & when it should be used.
Understanding what skin problems may occur & what to do about them.
Learning to read an ingredients list and what to look out.
Venue: Sole Revival Training Academy.


Make Your Own

A series of workshops where you make your own product. All ingredients Supplied. Maximum number eight.

1. Lip balms ( did you know that a lot, an awful lot, of lip balm companies add in a drying ingredient? The more you use the more you need to use)
2. Make a mask for your individual skin. Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, problem skin.
3. Body moisturisers.

Three Make Your Own Workshops.
Each class runs for 2 hours. You can can book for one, two or all three classes.

Venue: Sole Revival Training Academy.


Reflexology & Massage for Infants

Children are especially responsive to reflexology. Many mothers will instinctively rub their children’s hand or feet when they are unwell. Reflexology is extremely effective for most children. it is based on the principle that reflex points found on the feet and hands correspond to specific organs, muscles, bones and body systems.

Very young children’s feet have undeveloped arches, and their skin and bones are usually fairly soft making reflexology an safe, effective and fast modality for easing discomfort. By applying gentle pressure to congested areas in the feet, relief can be had from constipation, wind, teething ect.

A one hour class. Complete with laminated handout.

Venue: to be held in local community centres, mother and toddlers groups or a persons own place of residence.

Maximin numbers are 8 carers or guardians.
Cost: $15