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How To Care For Your Skin

By June 15, 2016Blogs

Your skin is your first line of defense. It is your largest organ, main detoxifying and processing center and is the very first signal of health and well being. Taking good care of it is absolutely essential for maintenance and the prevention of problem skin. It should be a MUCH BIGGER priority for continued maintenance than it is! That maintenance should include using home care products that do what they say they will, are safe & effective and are represented by companies and reps who are honest and truthful. Other factors like ease of access, price, availability, personal preference factors (scent & feel) of course should impact purchase decisions as well.

It should ALSO include monthly or at least quarterly appointments with a licensed professional. He or she may at times suggest products which are more aggressive or truly clinical to address a specific problem OR client expectation.

your skin is going to be around a lot longer than that designer handbag so invest in it.
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