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Calling all Vegans

By July 8, 2016Blogs


Vegan clients will welcome our range of V Series, which are customised to every skin concern.
We have received many enquiries regarding Vegan Therapies and it is our pleasure to present our V Series. Wholesome and unpolluted, the treatments contain NO beeswax, animal by-products such as milk or yoghurt, chemicals or artificial colouring. Products are NOT tested on animals and contain no microbeads that can impact sea life or our waters and oceans. In addition, By purchasing these products for use in our salon we are supporting small farmers and their sustainability principles and practices.
The V Series features traditional Ayurvedic actives to unlock the secret to natural beauty. With purity at our core, Sole Revival offers down to earth solutions to nurture your Vegan clients, exclusively, so they can achieve radiant skin and maintain total wellness.
The V Series Facials are formulated for every skin type and condition.