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Detoxifying Himalyian Salt Bath Recipe

By October 17, 2016Blogs

Simple Detox – Pink Himalayan bath soak recipe
Himalayan salts are said to contain 84 essential minerals, detoxing the entire body and leaving skin feeling beautifully soft. A strong Himalayan salt bath, 3-4 cups of salt per bath, is the equivalent of a 3-day fast in terms of detoxification. As a result, it has a more draining effect on the body than other bath soaks.

3 cups of pink Himalayan salts (Alternative salt types are: Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom salts, or a combination of all these salts)
15-24 drops of your selected essential oil or essential oil blend. (Great combinations are geranium, bergamot and ylang ylang or grapefruit and lemongrass).
1 tablespoon JoJoba or almond carrier oil for moisturising skin (optional).

Place the salt mixture into a bowl, then add chosen carrier oil, along with chosen essential oils, and mix well. Store the mixture in a glass jar with an air tight lid, to avoid losing aroma.

Add 1 cup (for a normal bath) or 3-4 cups (for a strong detox) of the salts to running bath water. Sitting on undissolved bath salts can be uncomfortable, so make sure the salts have dissolved before getting in the bath! I recommend using a fine grind salt, as it dissolves faster. Once in the bath, soak for around 30-40 mins. Afterwards, it is best to pat the skin with a towel, or allow yourself to air dry, letting the mineral-rich water soak into the skin.

If your salts are chunky, you may need to let them sit overnight in a large bowl of water to fully dissolve.
I like to add a handful of dried rose petals when combining all of my ingredients. This makes the jar of bath soak look really pretty, especially if it’s going to be a gift.
Remember to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Pop into Sole Revival and pick up a bag of out pink Himalayan bath salts.

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