Body Sculpting liposuction & Contouring

Cellulite Reduction, Face Lifting & Body Shaping
Say goodbye to stubborn fat. Body sculpting using ultrasound and radio frequency is the latest clinically proven non-surgical method for fat loss without the downtime of treatments such as liposuction. Using Ultrasonic Cavitation, our pain free body shaping removes fat from unwanted areas such as the abdomen, love handles, flanks, inner thighs and back. We use ultrasound and radio frequency technology for fat reduction and skin tightening. Lose inches and smooth the skin on your stomach, buttocks, arms & thighs.


Get rid of cellulite the safe way without surgery. You can start to see results from the first treatment. A minimum of 4 treatments is required for maximum effectiveness.

You may start to see changes immediately, but more usually after the third treatment. However your most dramatic results will occur after 1-3 months. Your body will still start to flush out fat cells for up to 3 months after the course of treatments.

Our treatment uses pain-free sound waves to deplete stubborn fat cells stored in common body areas. Ultrasonic cavitation technology enables concentrated sonic energy to be directed only at localised treatment areas, and is capable of selectively disrupting the sub-cutaneous fat cells through thousands of microscopic implosions impacting the fat cell membranes.

The fat cells that’ve been broken up are then metabolised by enzymes made in the liver and eliminated out of the body by the liver and lymphatic system through the urine. So it is important that you exercise to move the lymph and drink plenty of water, minimum of 2 liters a day to flush out the toxins.

This 20 min treatment is a gentle but effective Foot Peel that removes hardened calluses from heels. Finish with a foot massage and a hydrating moisturiser.

Prescriptive tanning by Miss M Minx. Tanning supplier to the modelling industry throughout Australia. The therapist will choose the correct formula, it is matched to your skin tone. Resulting in a natural looking tan. $40