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Tips For Spray Tanning

By March 29, 2018Blogs

Top tips for spray tanning.

Exfoliate your skin.
Have clean skin with no deodorant or moisturiser.
Wear loose clothing 30 mins prior to your tan to ensure your body has time to relax any strap marks or creases.
Wear loose clothing after your tan.
Moisturising your skin prolongs your tan.

Spray tanning

Here at Sole Revival we have introduced Miss Minx prescriptive spray tanning to our range of treatments. This is a formula that has been developed based on skin science in relation to tanning & uses the Fitzpatrick skin chart as it’s base for matching you with the tanning solution that is a perfect match for your skin tone.

Spray tanning no longer needs to just look good. One size does not fit all. Wether your fair, a redhead or a brunette, you will have a natural looking tan because the solution has been customised for your skin tone.

Minx Bronzing professional liquids are also a skin treatment that delivers hydrating ingredients, which means as well as delivering a colour that blends seamlessly with individual skin tones, this liquid will give nourishment and hydration which shows a visible change to the skin and a longer lasting tan.

A spray tan. It instantly makes you feel better and healthier and by some miracle, slimmer. (Or maybe that’s just me)
Jules x

Author Jules Neary

Jules Neary (BA Hons) is one of Australia’s most popular Complementary therapists, an author, an educator and founder of Sole Revival Rejuvenating Studio and Sole Revival Training Academy. Armed with an abundance of knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help people regain their natural balance, Jules empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and well-being through her educational classes, Rejuvenating treatments and social media pages.

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